NEXT – A Changing Young India and the Church’s Response

Jesus said I will build my Church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it. God is in establishing His kingdom in this land through your Church. The Bible teaches us a lot about God’s heart for the Church, and those fundamentals have remained the same from generation to generation. This course seeks to help pastors, leaders and church volunteers understand more about the NEXT generation and their view of the Church. There is a lot of new about young people leaving the Church, but they do not have to; they can stay, thrive and impact their world for Jesus. In this course, we will together discern our young India and the cultural context for our ministries. We will embrace the missional call of Jesus to see the knowledge of His name glorified in every generation. So join us as we talk about the same Church Jesus established for the NEXT generation. 


  1. Your Church and a Process for Discipleship – Based on Thom Rainer and Eric Geiger’s book published by Lifeway, we will talk about the practices that make a Church effective. Simple Church is well known around the world for an accessible process for Discipleship. 
  2. Your Church for the NEXT Generation – In this module, certified trainers will walk you through the Design Thinking Process as you think of ways to invite the NEXT generation to a relationship with Jesus. 
  3. Your Church and Technology – In this module, we will talk through the major shifts in technology and how they affect the people we seek to disciple. 
  4. Your Church and Social Media – Social Media can be confusing to many Churches. We will talk through mechanisms by which you can seek to “get the word out” about your church in the Social Media age. 
  5. Your Church Reaching Out: Using what we discovered in the Design Thinking Process, we will talk through ways in which your Church can “reach out’ to the lost. 

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