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*Certification by LifeWay Leadership Institute Serving God competently requires a thorough study of God’s Word and, then, its practical application...
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INTRODUCTION There are many people grappling with personal challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic across the globe. The need for emotional strengt...
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Introduction to the course: Have you ever asked yourself or wondered, “What on Earth Am I Here For?” “What is my purpose in life?” “Why do I exist?...
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Introduction to the course  Bible study programs aim towards increasing a believer’s knowledge about and of the Bible and also teach the books of t...
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The Power of an Open Home – Leardership

Without trust, discipleship cannot be effective. Author and Pastor Stanley Mehta opens Chapter Two of his book, The Art of Raising Leaders, with those impactful words. Where better to build that trust than within the home? Pastor Stanley stresses how important it is to keep an open home in order to raise the next generation […]

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Discipleship Spills Over Into Our Relationships

In his book, The Art of Raising Leaders, author and pastor, Stanley Mehta, speaks of how discipleship is the most Biblical form of leadership development. If we intend to raise successors who will take our ministries forward, then Pastor Stanley emphasises that discipleship is the way forward. He makes a clear distinction between discipleship and […]

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What do we do when we are locked down? Here are 7 suggestions!

The watchword right now all over the world is lockdown! My daughter’s last PUC board exam scheduled for Monday morning got postponed on Sunday night. In India, during the last 48 hours, several services and operations have been shut down with immediate effect. As of now, transport, shopping malls, offices, educational institutions and entertainment avenues […]

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